In-car innovation

Ford’s annual ‘Make It Driveable’ event aims at bringing together startups to explore ideas and innovative technology to be integrated into future cars.

On this project I lead the creative direction, working closely with designers and developers to conceptualise and produce something different.

A digital presence in 6 weeks

Our brief was to design and build their mini-website, coinciding with the launch of their first tour location. The deadline of 6 weeks was pretty tight.

The website was designed primarily with developers and tech specialists in mind, hinting to familiar elements they would see in their coding environments.

We took Ford’s ‘Make It Driveable’ branding and added our own touch. The Blue and Teal palette gives the event’s identity a striking fresh look, but we also decided to be daring and choose Pink as a highlight colour, which added a sense of action and urgency.

We fed back at this stage and Ford were very happy with the direction we took here. The next thing to tick off the list was creating illustrations while our developers tackled the core structure of the site.

Identity creation

We refined the event logo to make sure brand collateral was consistent across their 9-stop tour. In addition, we also designed a set of illustrations to visually enhance each competition category the developers and teams would be entering. Each representing a different scene of how connected app technology is used within their cars.

Application to the event was also made easy down to a simple form we built which created database of entrants for Ford.

Overall the event was a big success and Ford were pleased with how everything came together quickly, creating a digital environment from scratch in a matter of weeks. You can check out some of the event highlights below.