Project overview

I love cycling, so I took the opportunity to redesign the Universal Colours website. They produce technical clothing and gear for cyclists, but link externally to their stockists, Sigma Sports. I wanted to create a rich interface that’s engaging to their customers, new or experienced cyclists.

Mega menu

The header showcases featured links for convenient access and the full-screen mega menu tucks away the complex multi-tiered navigational approach.

Home page

I created a simple page loader animation, then focused on creating an environment where the user can navigate through product and content. It needed to be different and not conform to a blocky and uninspiring layout.

Rider’s club

At the heart of cycling, is community and more so than ever. I envisaged an annual rider’s club membership, which comes with a whole bunch of benefits.

Tools & Approach

Project planning in Notion
Sitemap definition
Redesign in Sketch
Animation in Protopie